A sunroom will increase the value of your home by adding more space and boosting your home’s curb appeal. The financial considerations alone justify a sunroom as your next home improvement project. Not only that, sunrooms add new light to your life. That light will bring you a benefits well beyond what’s in the bank. Here are three reasons why you should add a sunroom to your home:

Reasons to Invest in a Sunroom

  • Sunroom Additions in Park RidgeEnergy: Researchers have found that sunlight can help boost your energy and do away with that late afternoon drowsiness. Apparently, sunlight stimulates the parts of the brain involved in alertness. You could even skip your coffee and instead just take a few moments to enjoy the natural light available in your sunroom each morning.
  • Be Happier: Tend to get a bit of seasonal depression in colder months? Many people do, as serotonin levels dip in the darker months. But you can skip the annual gloom with a home improvement project. The time you spend in your sunroom will let you soak in the sunlight more regularly and your brain should respond with higher serotonin levels.
  • Promote Longevity: Researchers have made the discovery that mortality rates for some cancers, particularly breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate, are often lower in sunnier parts of the world. Other studies have found that those people who get little or no time in the sun tend to have higher rates of breast and colon cancer. It’s probably due to the vitamin D produced by the body during exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D also helps you use calcium, building bones and teeth and helping to ward off osteoporosis. Remodel for a sunroom, and you’ll get a home improvement you can truly live with!

Living in Bergen County & Looking to Add a Sunroom?

Florian Glass Service builds residential & commercial sunrooms and offers many other glass products and services for buildings commercially and residentially. They serve the NYC area,  Hoboken, Norwood, and Jersey City as well as the entire North NJ area in towns like Wayne, Totowa, Hackensack, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Leonia, Oakland, Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Essex Fells, Manhattan, and many more!

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