A NYC glass table tops will protect your furniture and be the focal point of your home. With glass table tops, you are able to customize the perfect size, style, edge, and color that suits your personal design aesthetic. Below are different types of options for NYC glass table tops to give you an idea of what you can choose from.

Types of NYC Glass Table Tops

Dining Tables:

If you love having dinner parties, a glass table on a custom base is a perfect addition to your dining room. A glass table accentuates the surrounding decor shine, and makes the carpeting, tile, or hardwood floor pop.

NYC Glass Table TopsCoffee Tables:

NYC glass table tops work well with wrought iron, wood, and stone and can fit into a defined frame or sit on top of a rack of driftwood and coral.

Patio Tables:

An outdoor glass table should be made from safety glass. One type of safety glass, tempered glass, is stronger than traditional glass. In the event of breaking, tempered glass crumbles into dull cubes instead of sharp, jagged pieces.

Glass Desks:

If you work from home, a glass desk offers a sleek, modern look. Like table tops, the glass is cut and edged to your style, and install it on a base or frame.

Looking for Quality NYC Glass Table Tops?

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