Are you looking for the best Hudson County glass service company for your glass service needs? Most people don’t understand the importance of having a Hudson County glass service on call until they are presented with an emergency situation involving broken tempered glass. Tempered glass is the shatter resistant glass that is often used in windows and smart phone screens. It is stronger than regular glass because of the tempering process which involves heating and cooling the glass in a very short time period.  When the glass breaks, it forms small blocks that stick together and are less likely to cause cuts than the tiny shards created by regular glass. If you are having glass installed, consider using tempered glass. Below are some practical applications for tempered glass:

Glass Service In Hudson County | Hudson County Tempered Glass

Hudson County Glass Service | Tempered Glass Applications

  1. Always use tempered glass in a door.  Doors with windows should always utilize tempered glass. There have been many injuries involving doors with windows with regular glass instead of tempered glass.
  2. Glass shower doors or sauna doors. Water can cause the floor to become slippery, and a slippery floor can lead to people slipping and falling. If you have a glass shower door make sure to have tempered glass installed to prevent serious injury!
  3. Glass in fixed or operable panels that meets all of the following conditions:
    – Lower edge is less than 18 inches above floor
    – Upper edge is greater than 36 inches above floor
    -Surface area of glass is greater than 9 square feet
    – One or more walking surfaces within 36 inches horizontally of the glazing
  4. Any glass within walls needs to be tempered. Glass walls, glass railings, or glass barriers must always be tempered glass. If glass is not tempered, you run the risk of people experiencing dangerous or even fatal injuries! 
  5. Glass in stairways.  If you have a stairwell or landing with glass that is 5 feet of the bottom and top of stairways where the bottom edge of the glass is less than 60” above a walking surface, then you should use tempered glass.  Anytime there is a chance that a person could fall into the glass it should be tempered to prevent serious injury.

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