Skylights are a green and energy efficient way to light up any room in your home. On top of that, natural light has many benefits for people. Like anything else in a home, skylights will eventually get some wear and tear and need to be repaired or replaced. Knowing whether it’s best to repair your skylights or get a whole new skylight replacement isn’t always easy. Here are some things to help you decide

Skylight Repair Vs. Skylight Replacement

  • Skylight Replacement & Skylight Repair in WayneIs your skylight under warranty? Industry professionals recommend first reviewing your warranty before considering a skylight repair or skylight replacement. Warranties can run for 10 or 20 years, and an unauthorized repair could void your coverage.
  • Common skylight problems. Leaking is the most common problem with a skylight or sun tunnel. The two most common failures that result in leaks are improper skylight installation and worn glass seals. Replacing the glazing unit will run around $300 to $400 with materials and labor. Some manufacturers do not recommend replacing panes in some skylight models.

    When to consider skylight repair or replacement

    When a skylight shows signs of integral damage, fixes such as sealant or caulk are not going to last long. Once the skylight begins to deteriorate, everything is temporary. It can make sense to repair a skylight when a client has a complex or customized unit. Otherwise, the troubleshooting cost is so high that skylight replacement often is the more practical choice. When it comes time to replace a standard-size unit,  the skylight installation cost, including framing and drywall work, usually runs around $1,500. Replacing a unit allows homeowners to take advantage of advances in technology, including skylight shades with remote controls and solar battery recharging.

    Other factors for a leaking skylight

    What if the skylight is fine, but there’s still a problem with leaking? First, you’ll want to check for condensation. Check to determine if water that’s dripping on the floor is from steam collecting on the skylight glazing.  The roof flashing around the skylight is another thing to look into. A lot of times when a skylight starts to leak, it’s not the actual skylight. Improper flashing installation could very well be the issue.

Need Skylight Repair or Skylight Replacement Services?

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