Are you a business in need of a Hudson County store front glass contractor? Choosing to install glass for your store store front is a very attractive option. Not only is it modern and beautiful looking to have either glass windows, doors, or even walls, you can also make it tougher. Some may think choosing glass is risky because it can break more easily, but we have many options for stronger glass. Whether you’re looking for bullet proof or tempered glass, we have many options to make your glass stronger, or make the glass less dangerous if broken in an emergency. Read on for a quick crash course in your strengthened glass options.

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Safety Glass | Hudson County Store Front Glass Contractor

Safety glass is one of the most basic forms of strengthened glass. This is typically made by laminating two pieces of glass together. A thin layer of plastic is placed in between the glass layers. This is the simpler form of bullet resistant glass. If you were to have an accident, instead of breaking apart into jagged pieces, this will break into smaller, more harmless pieces. If you want stronger glass at a less extreme, safety glass is a more affordable option.

Tempered Glass

This glass is made to be four times stronger than regular, untreated glass. This is done by heating the glass to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled almost immediately. The middle stays warmer and in its liquid form longer, but then solidifies the edges and surface by compressing during the cooling process. Simply put, the engineering involved allows this form of glass to be much stronger than untreated glass. This is one of the strongest glasses you can choose, but if it breaks, it is much more likely to fall out of the frame. However, it will break into duller rectangular pieces, rather than breaking into pointy shards. This makes the cleaning process a little easier if you ever had an accident.

Heat Strengthened Glass | Hudson County Store Front Glass Contractor

This glass is similar to tempered glass, except its cooling process is much slower to create different results. This makes the glass only twice as strong as untreated glass, but will still work well in areas with extreme weather. This glass holds well against large weather events. If you were to face a hurricane, heat-strengthened glass will keep your store safe. It also breaks differently than tempered glass. Heat strengthened glass stays in the frame much longer than tempered glass, meaning you would not have to worry about glass on the floor. It breaks into more even pieces as well, making it easier to fix.

Bullet Resistant Glass

While bullet proof glass is impossible, bullet resistant glass works quite well against penetrating objects. If you want the greatest protection out of your glass, bullet resistant is the best way to go. While this glass is extreme, it’s not impenetrable. It will break eventually if impacted enough, but it takes a lot of force to make a dent. Bullet resistant glass is made of multiple layers of glass and plastic which absorb the energy of any hurling objects, such as a bullet. These layers slow down the bullet so it won’t shatter the glass or get all the way through on first impact. This choice is a lot more expensive, but if safety is your main priority, bullet resistant glass is your best option.

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