Are you looking for bullet-resistant windows in NYC? Bullet-resistant glass is made of polycarbonate thermoplastic and laminated, tempered glass which absorbs the energy from the blows of bullets, axes, bats or other objects which are being used to break the glass. Due to their strength, bullet-resistant glass can help staff and the customers feel safer .

The term bullet-proof glass suggests a material that is 100% impenetrable to gunfire. However this isn’t actually the case. No type of bulletproof glass can hold up forever against extremely powerful weapons, which is why the term bullet resistant glass is preferred by those in the industry. Bullet-resistant glass has a range of applications, including military vehicles, banks, hospitals, government buildings, pharmacies, stores in higher-crime areas, police stations and jails.

Bullet-Resistant Windows in NYCAbout Bullet-Resistant Windows in NYC:

Despite the name, bullet-proof glass is not just for stopping the bullets. An appropriately designed and installed bullet resistant window is disaster-neutral, equally prepared to protect the people from the armed criminals, extreme weather , industrial disasters, and other unforeseen problems .

Monolithic acrylic is used for lower-level bullet-proof windows, and the material is extremely hard. In thick layers (over 1.25 inches), it will resist most pistol-caliber bullets–even under sustained fire. However, the pressure wave of a bomb blast or full-on impact of hurricane-flung debris will compromise these windows .

Bullet-resistant windows made with polycarbonate thermoplastic have much broader applications.Polycarbonate is more resilient than any other glazing materials, and can absorb tremendous impacts and pressure waves without cracking . Without polycarbonate layers, bullet resistant windows won’t stop rounds from high-powered rifles and submachine guns. Polycarbonate is a soft material that “catches” the bullets, preventing shattering.

Bullet-resistant windows go beyond just stopping the bullets. They will also keep out smash-and-grab burglars and angry mobs , deflect bomb blasts, and even protect against earthquake damage and projectiles from extreme weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes .

It is not the thickness that makes the glass bullet- resistant. It has multiple layers of materials designed to absorb the shots do the impact will spread over a larger surface area and the bullet is slowed down before it can penetrate the glass . Bullet-resistant windows improve the safety in the work environment. Staff at counters can lock the doors and feel completely secure.

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