If you’re looking to install some glass for your business, you’ll need the help of a Bergen County store front glass contractor. After you install your glass, you’ll need to take care of it. Glass can become smeared and dirty no matter how old or new it is. While store cleaners can be effective, the chemicals can be bad for your health and your business. A fresh and homemade glass cleaner will help your windows and doors stay clean, while being healthier for you and the environment. To keep your business in tip top shape, here are a few home remedies for glass cleaning.

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Potatoes | Bergen County Store Front Glass Contractor

Believe it or not, potatoes have great cleaning properties. Because this vegetable is so common, hopefully you have some lying around your cabinet. Just cut up a slice of potato and rub it all over the window or door, then leave it for a few minutes. After the potatoes have done their work, spray a mixture of a liter of water and a tablespoon of vinegar over the surface. Wipe the area clean and watch it shine. For a non streaky wipe, consider using newspaper to dry the glass when you finish. Your customers will clearly see your merchandise through the clean glass.


An onion cannot only clean your window, but it can also remove allergens and prevent bugs from entering. The strong smell of the onions, even after being neutralized, will keep most bugs away from your store and your customers. Cut the onion up and rub it all over the glass. After five minutes, spray with a liter of water mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda to cancel out the odor. Just dry and you’re done.

Lemons | Bergen County Store Front Glass Contractor

Lemons have a lot of natural properties in killing bacteria. Not only will this concoction be one of the best smelling, but it can remove dark stains and spots to keep your whole window looking bright. Mix the juice of a whole lemon, a cup of water, and three tablespoons of vinegar then shake it in a spray bottle. Spray the glass and dry it with a cloth to sop up the moisture.

For tougher stains and dirt, you could also combine a quarter cup of lemon juice, half a cup of rubbing alcohol and vinegar each, four drops of food coloring, and a full cup of water. Mix together half of the water along with the vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. After you shake it vigorously, add the lemon juice and food coloring. Spray this on any of those tougher and dirtier glass areas and watch it do it’s magic. These cleaners will keep your store looking and smelling fresh.


This is a very simple combination that will get rid of those pesky allergens in the spring while cleaning your glass beautifully. Just take two tablespoons of cornstarch, mix it with a cup of vinegar, then spray. This will clean all your glass areas, even your counters or mirrors. Let the mixture set for a few minutes before wiping it dry.

You could also combine cornstarch and lemon juice for another way of removing dark glass spots. Just one teaspoon of cornstarch, the juice of half a lemon, and two cups of sparkling water sprayed onto your glass surfaces will work wonders. Any of these natural remedies will keep your glass fresher and your customers happier.

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