Because of Bergen County glass shower doors, bathrooms no longer need to be basic and boring to be functional. Make your shower into the showpiece of your bathroom by installing Bergen County glass shower doors. There are countless glass choices ranging in design, color, and thickness to choose from. On top hardware choice and a framed or frameless enclosure, the possibilities are endless. Below are some of the main reasons to consider Bergen County glass shower doors for your bathroom.

Reasons to Consider Bergen County Glass Shower Doors

Bergen County Glass Shower Doors | Glass Service in Northern NJThey’re Practical:

Bergen County glass shower doors can help open up your bathroom and create a more spacious atmosphere while being requiring low cleaning maintenance. Shower curtains tend to soil quickly and become breeding grounds for bacteria and promote unwanted mold growth, which can reduce the quality of your indoor air. Bergen County glass shower doors are easy to clean, so you can avoid this problem with regular maintenance. When properly maintained, your Bergen County glass shower doors can last a lifetime. This is because They’re made from thick glass that is designed to stand up over time. Frameless Bergen County glass shower doors even offer the advantage of resisting corrosion.


Glass shower doors are incredibly durable due to their tempered glass material. No matter how many times you accidentally bump or knock your shower doors, they should hold up with ease, keeping your mind at ease.


Many people choose Bergen County glass shower doors because of the aesthetic boost that they can offer. This option can make your bathroom seem more open as well as more unified in design. They may reduce the need for an additional light inside the shower since they allow light to pass through the panels. Bergen County glass shower doors are especially helpful if you are going for a classier, more luxurious aesthetic. Frameless shower doors may be even more appealing than their framed counterparts because they create a sense of seamlessness. If you are looking for a way to open up your bathroom, consider installing look into different glass shower door options.

Many Different Options:

Bergen County glass shower doors are attractive and popular because of the range of options in which they are available. Many homeowners enjoy the look and convenience of glass sliding doors, while others prefer swinging doors. Sliding doors may be more appropriate if your bathroom is on the smaller side, while a swinging shower door may feel more luxurious if you have the room for it.

Choosing Your Style of Bergen County Glass Shower Doors

Remodeling your bathroom generally means envisioning a new design forBergen County glass shower doors. Whether you want frameless glass shower doors or have another idea in mind, there are many different options available. Check out these helpful tips for selecting the right Bergen County glass shower doors for your bathroom:

  • Frame or Frameless Bergen County Glass Shower Doors: Choose your shower door glass style first, such as framed, semi-frameless, and frameless doors. Framed doors feature metal borders, are simple and cost-effective to install, and trap water and steam in the shower area, leaving your bathroom floor dry. Semi-frameless shower doors are made from thicker glass than framed options and feature a framing border that excludes the main door. Semi-frameless doors are also excellent at trapping water and steam. Frameless doors are a popular bathroom remodel option in terms of aesthetics, and are made from 3/8” thick glass that ensure strength without the metal frame. More expensive yet easier to clean, frameless shower doors do not include tracks so they do not accumulate mold, mildew, or soap scum.
  • Functionality: While some shower enclosures might look pretty, that doesn’t mean they’ll work well. Before choosing your custom glass shower doors, think about how they will function in your bathroom. Everything from bathtub location to wall material makes a difference. Talk to the professionals to answer all your questions, including just how much glass your bathroom walls can support and what would work best in your available space.
  • Styles of Glass: Select the perfect shower glass, such as clear and frosted options. Clear glass provides an unobstructed view of the entire room and helps make small bathrooms look larger. Glue Chip offers a frosted look for privacy but still lets plenty of light through. Clear shield is a glass treatment that can be applied to the glass before installation. This helps keep the glass shower doors looking clean by repelling water/dirt/soap because it fills the pores of the glass in.
  • Trim Options: Pick your Bergen County glass shower doors’ trim hardware color, such as oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brass, chrome, and copper.

Looking for a Wide Variety of Bergen County Glass Shower Doors as Well as Expert Installation Services?

Florian Glass Service is offers and installs custom glass shower doors as well as many other glass products and services for buildings commercially and residentially. They serve the Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Passaic County, and NYC areas in towns such as Hoboken, Norwood, Jersey City, Fort Lee, Short Hills, Wayne, Totowa, Hackensack, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Leonia, Oakland, Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Essex Fells, Manhattan, and many more!

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