Sliding glass doors are a beautiful and modern enhancement to any home or business.  They can create an easily movable partition in place of a wall and can open up a narrow entry to a patio or back yard.  Here are some of the benefits of sliding glass doors:

sliding glass doors top imageSliding Glass Doors:  Benefits

Increase your Door Width

Sliding glass doors can increase the width of your door to allow large objects to move more easily in an out of your home.  This is great if you have large things that you are often moving, but a lot of people usually don’t.  Consider, though, the ease of moving expensive and quality furniture into and out of a home equipped with sliding glass doors.  No need to worry about dinging up your bed, hutch, couch, or piano.  The ease of moving in and out will also certainly be a benefits to anyone looking to buy your house or move into the space in the future!

Ahh . . . Natural Lighting.

Nothing beats natural sunlight.  You can amp up on the Vitamin D while enjoying the privacy of “behind closed doors.”  The natural lighting afforded by your sliding glass doors will also help cut back on your energy bill.  Who can feel down in the Winter dumps when you have beautiful sunlight streaming in through your doors?  The natural lighting will make your home or business more inviting and is even considered and eco-friendly or “green” enhancement to your investment, that will increase it’s value!

Objects May Appear Larger Than They Are

Sliding Glass Doors create an illusion of great space.  If you have a cramped or closed off space and are hoping to open it up, consider installing sliding glass doors in place of a door already installed.  Have a small kitchen that leads out to a deck or patio?  Sliding glass doors are the best for this situation and will bring you, and your guests, more comfort and openness to walk in and out while entertaining.

sliding glass doors to sunroomEyes on the Prize

Sliding glass doors will allow you to keep one eye outside while you are still working or relaxing in the comfort of your home.  You can enjoy the sunshine of summer without the blistering heat.  You can watch the kids playing in the backyard without leaving the dishes unattended to.  You can also enjoy the fresh crispness of winter without getting snow on your shoes.  Glass doors provide better insulation than you may think, so don’t let the outside elements keep you from a crystal clear view!

Interested in considering sliding glass doors for your home or business?  Call Florian Glass today for more information!